Public told to wait for schedule to prevent crowding at vaccination centers

The Department of Health urged the public to wait for their turn to get the coronavirus vaccine and follow the protocols set by the government to keep the country’s inoculation drive organized.

DOH National Capital Region Director Gloria Balboa issued this reminder after residents recently flocked to a mall in Parañaque City, hoping to get vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech jab.

Thousands of individuals also lined up at a hotel in the City of Manila. But only 900 Pfizer vaccine doses were allotted for the nation’s capital.

Referring to the incident in Parañaque City, Balboa said, “What happened there was even those who were not scheduled to get vaccinated went to the venue.”

She asked the public to secure an appointment first and wait for their schedule before heading to vaccination sites.

The DOH-NCR director also called on local government units to properly disseminate vaccination protocols to their constituents.


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