3 ways to study better, according to cognitive research

Researchers say better studying via successive relearning promotes long-term retention. You can do this in three steps.

First, set a goal: Figure out what you’ll study — like key topics from a lecture — and when you’ll do it, by creating and following a schedule. Aim for shorter study sessions that are spaced out over time. For example, five one-hour sessions are better than one five-hour session.

Second, practice: Create opportunities to recall what you have learned to help move information into long-term storage. Online flashcard apps are great, though all you really need is paper and a pen.

If you’re a student, try leaving blank spaces in your course notes to recall and write out concepts after class.

Third, consolidate success: Check your work and monitor your progress over time. If you’re successfully recalling something most of the time, you can decrease how often you review that content and replace it with new content as you progress.

Source: https://interaksyon.philstar.com/hobbies-interests/2020/08/21/175076/3-ways-to-study-better-according-to-cognitive-research/

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