Disney signs deal to stream ‘Spider-Man,’ other Sony films

Disney has reached a deal with Sony Pictures to bring new “Spider-Man” movies and other films to Disney‘s streaming services and TV networks in the US after they play on Netflix.

Disney also secured rights to offer hundreds of older Sony films much sooner. The company said it will add a significant number of Sony titles to Hulu starting in June.

The arrangement means Disney can offer new Sony movies, including any new installments in Marvel’s “Spider-Man” and “Venom” series, starting in 2023.

First they will play in theaters and be offered on DVD and video-on-demand. Next, they will head exclusively to Netflix for 18 months before going to Disney+ or other Disney platforms.

The agreement covers new Sony films between 2022 to 2026. That is scheduled to include Marvel’s “Morbius,” best-selling book adaptation “Where the Crawdads Sing,” Brad Pitt thriller “Bullet Train” and another installment in the “Bad Boys” comedy series.

Source: https://interaksyon.philstar.com/hobbies-interests/2021/04/22/190263/disney-signs-deal-to-stream-spider-man-other-sony-films/

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