Youth activists on the frontline of climate change

The 2015 Paris climate treaty, signed by virtually all the world’s nations, calls for capping global warming at “well below” two degrees Celsius compared to preindustrial levels. Unfortunately, since then, the world has seen its five hottest years on record.

Bolivia, the home of 18-year-old activist Michel Villarreal, is particularly vulnerable to the impact of rising temperatures.

The South American country is struggling to cope with an increase in forest fires, river floods and melting glaciers that create water shortages, Oxfam said in a report in December.

Yet, says Villarreal, climate activists are equated with troublemakers. When she and her friends hung carefully-crafted placards in trees in La Paz during a march for World Children’s Day in November, police ripped them up and accused them of vandalism.

The first-year law student shared, “It was really sad. We just wanted people to see them and realise the situation we are living in.”


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