Hotel soap recycled for France’s vulnerable in Lyon

“Giving a second life to soap that went in the trash,” is the goal of Unisoap in Lyon, France.

At the city’s Radisson Blu hotel, around 300 kilograms of soap, which are often “barely used” by customers, are collected each year by Unisoap.

According to the company’s founder Pauline Grumel, “There are 3 million people in France who do not have the adequate means to buy basic hygiene products and it is estimated that there are 51 million bars of soap discarded by hotels in France.”

This shocking statistic, inspired Grumel to form Unisoap in 2017 and since then 150 hotels in France have been involved in the collection of around 6 tons of soap, according to the association.

In the Establishment and Work Assistance Service workshop, young people work at repurposing and cleaning the soaps. Those which meet cosmetic regulations are then stamped with the image of the association – a heart enclosing a drop of water with the words Unisoap.


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