Rundown: 5 cellphone viruses Filipinos should avoid and how to recognize them

As internet users increased during the coronavirus pandemic, Russia-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky noted that Trojans, a type of malicious software or malware, increased as well.

A Generic Trojan is the most basic type – designed to slow down devices or steal information from your device.

Then there’s the Trojan dropper — a program that delivers other malware that installs itself without the user knowing.

Meanwhile, a Trojan-downloader installs itself into the system and waits for internet connection to download other programs, while an SMS Trojan makes use of a phone’s text messaging service to send and intercept messages by itself, costing the user money.

Lastly, a Trojan-Proxy is a virus that allows an attacker to stage anonymous attacks using your device while hiding their locations.

Android users were found to be the most vulnerable targets of malware. About 98% of such malware are designed for Android phones.


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