Netflix’s growth fueled by the popularity of South Korea’s pop culture machine

Netflix has helped fuel and is fueled by the global popularity of the pop culture machine of South Korea. Since 2015, the world’s largest subscription streaming video platform has invested nearly 700 million dollars financing partnerships and co-productions, the source said.

Since late 2019, it has ramped up investments and landed multi-year content partnerships with Korea’s major studios for access to their Korean shows.

More than 70 Korean-made shows from local creators have been released as Netflix-branded originals around the world and are available in 31 subtitled languages and more than 20 dubbed languages.

In October, Netflix released the original documentary “Black Pink: Light Up the Sky” about the highest charted female Korean act on the Billboard 100. The group’s recent music video for “How You Like That” broke an all-time YouTube record as the most watched video in a 24-hour period with 86.3 million views.


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