How Philippine businesses plan to improve operations post-pandemic

Large and small-to-medium enterprises in the Philippines are seeking to improve their customer services and digitalization for success in the post-pandemic economy, according to a recent study.

Titled “Digital, resilient, and experience-driven: How enterprises in Southeast Asia can prepare for the new economy,” the regional study revealed the main strategies of enterprises to prepare for post-pandemic days ahead.

Conducted by German software firm SAP in partnership with Oxford Economics, it covered 600 senior executives, including 400 from SMEs with less than 500 million dollars in revenue across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The results showed that in the Philippines, the top strategic priorities of businesses over the next three years are improving customer experience (at 53 percent), employee experience (at 42 percent), and attracting new customers (at 36 percent).


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