Manage your money: Reward yourself but have a limit

Reward yourself but have a limit. This is very basic as these times have shown that it is but wise to be frugal, even though there are countless exciting sales in malls and online shopping extravaganzas.

TikTok creator and account manager for an online shopping platform Ady Cotoco admitted to being heavy on rewarding himself especially after a long day’s work, but he is quick to share that one must set a limit for those rewards you plan to give to yourself.

He shared, “I am heavy on rewarding myself if you have the money for it, but I set a limit too. Always think twice when buying things especially those priced 10,000 pesos and above. You might find yourself not liking or wanting the phone you’ve been eyeing two months ago.”

Meanwhile, for certified financial planner Salve Duplito, “Money is never the most important thing but knowing how to handle money allows you to do the things that are most important in your life.”


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