Upgrading the marketplace

Upgrading the marketplace is the next obvious step to win the battle in the e-commerce arena.

Facebook’s Emerging Trends Research showed preference for payment modes and where to shop is largely fueled by convenience, with 90 percent of study respondents opting for mobile payments should they be made more available.

The same percentage of those surveyed also wished shopping from their mobile phones was easier than the current experience.

In an interview, Facebook Philippines country director John Rubio said in the coming months, Facebook will launch more tools to create a level of convenience that will continue to satisfy consumers, particularly on payment options.

He added, “Over the next year, more products that will offer convenience will be launched. Such as showing inventory faster, completing a sale much faster than what we do today, and incorporating in shops to make transactions.”

Source: https://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1136660

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