The Danish Trick to “Shock” Your Body Into Happiness

A growing number in Scandinavia choose cold water swimming as a way to invigorate the senses and combat their winter blues, plunging into waters as cold as two degrees Celsius.

During winter from November through February, residents of Copenhagen descend upon the harbor front where they move between saunas, hot tubs and into the frigid ocean or ice baths, a practice Scandinavians have been doing for generations.

A cold dip can also be extremely energizing for the body – the shock of the cold water kicks the body’s “fight or flight” instincts into gear and enables the release of stress hormones. Many people swear that cold water helps reduce swelling and inflammation.

Enthusiasts say winter swimming also serves as a mood booster during the long, dark months, heightening happiness, fostering a sense of community, and improving their mental outlook. So go for a cold dip today!


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