Digital connections and inspirations: How Twitter empowers Filipino artists in ‘next normal’

Reliance on online conversations and digital support is the “next normal” for local artists who used to attend art conventions and celebrate each others’ works before the pandemic struck.

Artist Drew Borja of webcomics “Hunghang Flashbacks” said he relied on a microblogging platform to get fresh inspiration and bolster connections despite being locked down due to the threat of the highly contagious virus.

In an exclusive interview with Twitter Philippines, he said, “Being an artist online is all about showcasing your creations. Twitter has not only helped me connect with new audiences but also new artist friends, people I look up to, and even the occasional oddballs.”

Borja believes appreciating the power of online conversations is a way to make the best out of the current situation.

He has developed friendships with fellow artists on the microblogging platform, and he never felt left out whenever he participates in online art prompts.


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