Spending changes

After leaving a cushy job at the House of Representatives before the pandemic hit, Bettina Pangalangan now has less reasons to go out with writing stints that enable her to work remotely.

This has given her more personal time: Before, she could barely fit her busy routine of workouts, going out with friends, and actively participating in Church— all typical for a woman in her 20s. But the changes she witnessed during the crisis also transformed her routine and what she spends on.

From parties three times a week, and periodic vacations with friends up North, she now allots most of her budget to groceries that put food on the table for her siblings. The pandemic has nonetheless revealed new personal needs, including monthly psychiatric consultations to keep her mental health in check.

“I also became a ‘plantita’ at some point,” she said, pertaining to a trend of keeping plants at home that came with the pandemic.

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