Workation: The Farm at San Benito

As companies allow telecommuting, eco-luxury holistic medical wellness resort The Farm at San Benito at the foothills of Mt. Malarayat in Lipa, Batangas offers a safe haven while providing a conducive work environment.

Guests can work in the middle of nature while having access to a strong wi-fi connection with 24/7 access to medical doctors and health professionals, daily “Mindful Movements,” wellness educational sessions, stress-reducing treatments, sound healing sessions and immune-boosting programs.

According to the wellness resort, several have taken a wellness sabbatical at The Farm as they offer special long-stay rates from a minimum of one month.

It added, “This means…guests do not need to take some time off work to be able to take care of their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Guests enjoy nourishing superfoods to increase productivity and mental clarity that will help them work more efficiently.”

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