Accepting lifestyle changes in the new normal

Jason Cayetano, 28, has had to accept lifestyle changes. Working for a business process outsourcing firm, there was a time when, after his shift, he and his friends would spend hours outside drinking.

For a time, many thought Friday nights like that would return as soon as curfews were lifted. They did not.

When curfews were relaxed in December, establishments still closed at 9 p.m. Cayetano shared, “Drinking spots near the office are gone. The ones open in the morning, disappeared. I’ve already accepted that fact.”

Many believe the shock only altered, rather than exhausted the Filipino spending power. One argument is the digital revolution that buoyed delivery services and online shopping during the pandemic put many consumption activities beyond government record. But there is no denying that at some point, people would see some normalcy restored and that not happening now is only hurting President Duterte’s legacy.

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