Last dibs on the vaccine

Having the last dibs on the coronavirus vaccines arriving in the country, expectations that young people would be the first to give the broader economy a nudge have turned out to be easily misplaced. After all, being last in line for vaccines yet to arrive for the the broader public does not really invite much consumer confidence in our young workforce.

Twenty-five-year-old Emelyn Rivera shared, “If vaccines have been rolled out already and if we’re seeing good results from it, cases are lessened each day, maybe that’s the time that I’ll be confident in doing the usual things that I do before the pandemic little by little.”

Neither does it do anything to alter the unsafe environment cultivated by an inadequate state handling of the coronavirus pandemic a year after. And then there is also vaccine hesitancy to worry about.

Freelance writer Bettina Pangalangan explained, “I’ll get vaccinated myself so long as it is Pfizer and Moderna.”

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