Protect yourself online: Secure your kids’ online presence

Children today live and thrive in a digital world. So we need to secure our kids’ online presence.

Manila Bulletin Technology Editor Art Samaniego shared, “Ang Internet, delikado. Sa tunay na buhay, papupuntahin mo ba ang anak mong 10 years na babae sa Quiapo na mag-isa nang madaling araw?”

Stranger danger is not just for the real world. Children need to be protected and guided online. They may be tech-savvy and understand how to use gadgets, but they’re still vulnerable to Internet bullies, scammers, hackers, and sexual predators.

Samaniego recommends parents and guardians use Messenger Kids, Google Family Link, and parental control apps that let you limit hours, the types of content, among others.

You should also know their social media accounts and their passwords. Just explain the reason why. Use this as a chance to also have a real, deep conversation about Internet safety, and get their opinions and ideas.

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