Laguna-based resto eases pandemic’s burden on LGBT workers

While members of the LGBT community may be fighting for acceptance in some workplaces, a Laguna-based restaurant is the exception.

Labanera’s Kitchen, a silog (or fried rice and egg) eatery in Sta. Rosa, is a place where LGBT persons are not just accepted but welcomed. It started as a food service business in September but only expanded into a restaurant a month ago.

Co-owner Lorrenz Escosura said many of the eatery’s crew consist of LGBT workers, who struggled to make ends meet when live events, such as beauty pageants, were shut down in March last year.

The restaurant is named after all the LGBT members who still go on despite the difficulties life brings. “Labanera” was also the name of an LGBT group that organized live events in the city.

Prior to opening up a restaurant, Escosura said Labanera’s Tailoring, which also provided livelihood to unemployed LGBT workers, helped overcome shortages of masks and other PPEs.

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