#LadyBoss: Building a Filipino organic bath goods company

From what started as a project to ease her kid’s eczema problem at home, Angelica Chongco’s Mayumi Organics has grown into a company known for locally-made shampoo bars and bath products that have attracted people to join the “green” movement and make hygiene sustainable.

But like any other start-up company, Angelica said she also had to start from scratch. More than eight years ago, she was forced to leave her job at a business process outsourcing firm to look after her children in the absence of the nanny she hired.

She shared, “I tried reselling at first but failed because I did not know how to sell the products. So I started studying how to make my own. One of the catalysts of this business is my daughter’s eczema problem. She became my case study. I was able to control her flares [and] being able to tell the story of my successful control of my daughter’s eczema problem, I was able to sell products.”

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