Protect yourself online: Don’t recycle passwords

If you know the signs of a suspicious site, or use the tools to improve your privacy and security, you can protect yourself from cyber-attacks.

If hackers are able to steal your Facebook password, they’ll try to use it on all other accounts they can find online—other social media like Instagram, email, and bank acconts.

But how do you remember all those passwords? You can try having a basic password and just add a few letters for different accounts. “Password+Suki” for a shopping site, “Password+FB” for Facebook.

But the safest and easiest way to keep track of passwords is to use a Password Management App like BitWarden or LastPass. These will store or even generate passwords for you. You can download these from the Appstore or Google Playstore.

Manila Bulletin Technology Editor Art Samaniego advises we treat passwords “like underwear. Don’t show to other people, change it often, and make sure you’re the only one using it.”

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