Migrants hard hit by COVID-19

From Australia to Egypt, migrants and refugees have been especially hard hit by job losses and economic pain during the pandemic, with many struggling to access healthcare and state aid, a survey showed.

Published in a report by the Red Cross Red Crescent Global Migration Lab, the survey included 3,250 interviews with migrants from Australia, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Sudan, Sweden and Britain.

Migrant workers are over-represented in hard-hit sectors like food production and hospitality, meaning they have been disproportionately affected by layoffs and wage losses linked to COVID-19.

Migrants also make up a significant share of key workers in healthcare, scientific research, food supply chains, and those making personal protective equipment.

Yet the pandemic has led to the “intentional exclusion of migrants from COVID-19 prevention and support programs,” such as government cash transfers, the report said.

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