Protect yourself online: Pass phrase vs. password

Cybercrimes rose by a whopping 400 percent in 2020—and one of the top modus operandi is to steal information from your seemingly harmless Facebook account.

We tend to let our guard down when we’re on social media. We share updates about our personal lives, and impulsively click on interesting links—a fun video, a big sale, a free game.

Some are legitimate, but many are traps. They ask you to “log in” and then take your passwords. It’s like giving your housekeys to the Budol-Budol Gang.

One way to stay safe online is to use a pass phrase, instead of a password.

Don’t just use your name and your birth year (for example: Catherine1986), since anyone can derive that from public information.

Instead, pick something too long and complicated for people to guess. The ideal is 14 characters and combine letters, numbers and symbols. You can also check if a password you’re thinking of using is easy to hack, with

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