‘Be smarter than a scammer’: BDO warns public vs fraudulent emails, SMS anew

A major bank recently cautioned its clients against dubious emails and text messages seeking their personal information.

In a March 4 advisory, BDO said it received reports of scam text messages and emails that send a link of the bank’s supposed online login page, prompting clients to send their account details.

The advisory read, “BE SMARTER THAN A SCAMMER. Do not enter your username and password. We will never send you links to our login page and ask for your account details.”

It added, “Remember, the “https://” in the url and the padlock icon don’t make a website legitimate. Real BDO web page address have ‘.bdo.com.ph’. Always look for the dot at the start. For example: online.bdo.com.ph, not onlinebdo.com.ph.”

The bank urged its clients to report any similar suspicious schemes and web pages.Last December, BDO also warned the public against scammers using fake email addresses to acquire account information.

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