Millennials: Of hotels and department stores

For some, ordering room service, having a maid come clean, and curling up in a lush hotel robe are part of a vacation package. But for millennials, the ideal vacation no longer includes hotels.

Instead, young travelers are choosing to go for more authentic experiences. The idea of living like a local means renting an AirBNB. The more frugal travelers are ditching luxury and headed straight to a hostel or even a farmstay.

Department stores were also once the center of the shopping world. These gigantic stores housed almost everything. Does that concept maybe sound a little bit familiar? Well, it does to us as well, and that is the problem.

It seems the variety that once drew people to shop at department stores has now been replaced by something much easier: the internet. Today, instead of spending hours at a department store, Millennials are choosing to get their shopping done right from the comfort of their own couches.

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