Spam: Record sales

Consumption of canned meat is on the rise globally. According to Hormel, Spam had its “fifth consecutive year of record sales” in 2019, with its segment, that also includes several other brands, bringing in upwards of 584 million dollars.

And it’s not just Asians eating it. Spam is sold in more than 40 markets globally, while competitor Tulip is present in over 100. Luncheon meat sales tend to rise in times of economic hardship, and are tracking upwards this year thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic.

In markets where Spam is still looked-down upon, the need for affordable food trumps snobbery for many consumers in hard times.

Kent Riis, vice president of international sales at Danish Crown Foods, which owns the Tulip brand, shared, “We have seen a rise of more than 30 percent in our canned meat sales internationally in 2020.”

He added that the company has added 50 new employees at its main production plant in Denmark.

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