Millenials Prioritize Salary in Seeking Jobs, Survey Says

Millennials — broadly categorized as individuals aged 24 to 34 — have been tagged as entitled, but a study commissioned by JobStreet Philippines says they may not be that different from older generations. In fact, they want the same things in seeking jobs.

The Laws of Attraction survey, conducted in 2019, found that millennials prioritize salary and compensation as their top priority when considering employment opportunities. The same was the first priority for Generation X (aged 35 to 54), and the Baby Boomers (aged 55 to 64).

Other considerations of millennials are career development opportunities at 15%, work-life balance at 12%, job security at 11%, management quality and additional benefits at 7%.

The least considered by millennials are culture and value of the organization at 4%, recruitment process at 2%, and the size of the company and its market position at 1%.

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