Commercial Spaces at MRT7 QMC Station Allowed to Prevent Fare Hike

The Department of Transportation on Thursday clarified that it was the concessionaire which decided to open commercial spaces at the MRT7 Quezon Memorial Circle station.

The department had earlier said the concessionaire of the railway project will open business spaces in the station to avoid increase in fares or the amortization payment that will be covered by the government.

The Universal LRT Corporation, led by the San Miguel Corp., is the concessionaire of the MRT7.

The Quezon City government earlier issued a temporary cease and desist order on the aboveground construction of the station after authorities learned the project will affect the national heritage park.

According to the local government, the original plan was to construct a 2,500-square meter establishment aboveground but was expanded to 11,000 square meters without their knowledge.

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