Take care of your clothes

While you might not be spending much on clothes at the moment, you’ll probably want to up your game and freshen up your look at some point.

Before making a clothing purchase, check the care instructions.

Consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch shared, “The way you take care of your clothing can affect your overall cost if you are wearing it down.”

Washing or drying at the wrong temperature or ignoring instructions to hand wash can affect the longevity of your clothes.

She said she prefers buying higher-quality denim because they last longer and fit better, and because she washes them in cold water inside out and only hang dries them. This way, her jeans have lasted for more than eight years.

Also take note of whether a new wardrobe piece is dry clean only. That not only adds more cost, but also more time.

So don’t forget to consider the needed after-purchase care of your clothing as it may cost you more than you bargained for.

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