Millennials: Of beer and McDonald’s

The beer belly is going out of style. Domestic beer brands used to be a staple of any barbecue. But for anyone who has been to a millennial’s housewarming or back yard party, they might be hard pressed to find a beer in the fridge.

Millennials are increasingly deciding to purchase flavored beverages such as hard lemonade, iced tea and seltzer and going for the more unique craft beer options.

The Golden Arches are also apparently losing their shine in the eyes of millennial customers.

The McDonald’s drive-thru used to drive a supersize amount of people to the fast food restaurant, but younger customers just are not Lovin’ It anymore. And it seems not even Ronald McDonald can bring them back.

Instead of flocking to the fast food chain, millennials are choosing healthier, fresher options. McDonald’s has released a vegetarian burger in attempts to draw in the millennial crowd, but so far they have not seen the desired result.

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