Millennials: Of mayonnaise and wine bottles with corks

Somewhere along the line in condiment history, someone decided that mayonnaise was out of style, and millennials have definitely taken note. Because of this, mayo sales have been dropping for the last few years.

Part of all the anti-mayo hate out there has to do with its health benefits – or the lack thereof. The mixture of egg yolks, oil, lemon juice, and vinegar does not exactly lend itself to a healthy diet. Instead, millennials are replacing the condiment with more organic alternatives like avocados.

Now, ever bring wine to a picnic and realize someone forgot the most important thing: a cork screw? Well, apparently millennials have experienced this issue. Because of this, they are overwhelmingly choosing to go with screw-off wine tops rather than the traditional corked bottles.

Millennials as consumers are focused on having wine that is friendlier for bringing to gatherings. And judging by their buying habits, wines with corks do not fit that bill.

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