Take inventory of your wardrobe

Go through your wardrobe periodically to take stock of what you have and need.

This not only prevents you from buying a third black V-neck shirt, but also alerts you to what you’re missing so you can shop around instead of hastily buying that undergarment at full price because you need it immediately.

Stores need to move merchandise to make room for upcoming season’s offerings. And that usually means discounts.

Consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch, who stocks up on basics, shared, “You can get 40 to 60% off at end-of-season sales. I size up for my kids. So for the summer, I will grab tank tops or a pair of sandals.”

But remember: No matter the discount, it’s not a deal if you don’t end up using it.

After staring at our closets every morning, things are bound to feel a little stale. Bringing in someone with a fresh perspective can help us spice up our wardrobe again by spotting some hidden gems or offering outfit inspiration.

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