Millennials: Of gyms and bulk groceries

Instead of the typically giant room filled with exercise machines, millennials are choosing boutique gyms catered to certain types of workouts. Whether it means hitting a CrossFit gym, a Pilates studio, a kickboxing class or anything else, millennials are focusing on specific workouts that they enjoy.

Now, we personally could make an entire day out of looking around S&R and Landers, staring at the gigantic products, and trying all the free samples. Who doesn’t want a 300-pack of toilet paper? Well, according to market experts, millennials don’t.

And the reasoning behind the decline of bulk grocery shopping among millennials makes a lot of sense. The age group is cooking less, so they have no need to spend money on groceries that will probably only go bad anyway.

For any of their bulk purchasing, millennials would rather buy products online and have them delivered right to their doorstep rather than go to a store.

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