Buying clothing: ‘One in, one out’ rule

One way to really tell if you need a piece of clothing and to avoid wasteful spending is to establish a rule that nothing new comes in without something being removed.

And put the clothing you are getting rid of to good use. Try selling unwanted items online or at brick-and-mortar secondhand shops or donating them. Some retailers offer discounts for recycling apparel.

Bonus: You’ll also keep your closets from overflowing with old items you no longer wear.

Sara Skirboll, shopping and trends expert for RetailMeNot, shared, “Make sure you find a deal, there is always a promo code, percent off or shipping code.”

Sign up for any promotional materials from your favorite brands and stores and follow them on social media to learn about special sales and coupons.

Consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch said, “Even luxury brands… they send coupons. Asking the store associate if they have a coupon or a deal for you can work.”

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