Restaurants shift their business model to food delivery

After President Rodrigo Duterte declared a lockdown in Metro Manila and other key areas in the country in the middle of March last year to contain the global coronavirus pandemic, a number of restaurants were forced to shut down.

However, some establishments have managed to shift their business model to food delivery and through mobile apps created by technology companies.

Total group revenue at Southeast Asian ride-hailing and food delivery company Grab jumped by about 70 percent year-on-year in 2020 and had recovered to comfortably above pre-pandemic levels, according to Reuters, citing Grab Group President Ming Maa.

Almost 12,000 merchants joined the Grab platform in the Philippines at the height of the novel coronavirus disease health crisis between March and June last year, according to a statement on the Grab website. Sales of small businesses grew by at least 57 percent during the period.

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