Domestic tourism is the answer to the industry’s comeback

While summer of 2020 was already killed by the health crisis, the government was hoping this year’s dry season will see holidaymakers leaving their homes for prime beaches and other once-buzzing tourist destinations.

Several plans were laid out to get this going in the past days, foremost was the shift to a modified general community quarantine and allow more establishments like cinemas to resume operations.

Another proposal from the local government department wanted to drop a mandatory swab testing for travelers, things that tourists are now spending time and money on just to get a much-deserved break.

It is this crisis in confidence that is putting a bet on domestic tourism to offset losses from the lack of foreign tourists at risk of failing.

Eugene Yap, president of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines, said, “We know that tourism has taken a setback, and we believe domestic tourism will be the answer.”

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