Budget carriers seen to lead in post-pandemic recovery

Low-cost carriers will lead the post-COVID recovery in the aviation industry on successful cost-cutting measures, according to UK data and analytics company GlobalData.

It said budget carriers’ cost-containment measures and operational responsiveness would allow airlines to move quickly to absorb pent-up demand and capitalize on opportunities ahead of other high-cost model carriers.

Tourism and travel industries were heavily hit by COVID-19 and measures taken to curb its spread.

While some countries have slowly eased restrictions with the arrival of vaccines, travel is not yet expected to return to pre-pandemic levels.

In the Philippines, even domestic tourism cannot fully take off just yet as quarantine restrictions remain in place.

Based on GlobalData’s latest survey, a high of 87 percent of respondents globally are concerned about their personal financial position but budget carriers’ low fares are well-positioned to meet such concern.

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