Prospects of a longer GCQ

The quarantine is here to stay for another month, and in 10 areas in the country including Metro Manila, the stricter general community quarantine remains in effect. Even with the rest of the Philippines under modified GCQ, or the most relaxed form of community quarantine, it looks like we are facing a longer and lonelier lockdown.

Before the pandemic forced us all to live behind masks and closed doors, March was the time of year when we planned family vacations, signed up for summer classes to learn new hobbies and meet new friends, hosted community fiestas and many more social activities. But until we have rolled out the vaccine program here at home and can safely say we have herd immunity, those plans can only stay as plans.

As if the COVID-19 crisis is not enough, and natural disasters thrown in here and there, unemployment and underemployment are also a growing concern, and now we have to watch for inflation too.

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