Millennials: Homes and doorbells

We’ve all seen the quintessential pictures of first-time home buyers, clutching their shiny, new keys as they stand outside their brand new house. But has anyone noticed there seems to be less of those happy homeowners?

As home prices are continuing to rise, many millennials are not able to afford buying their own homes. But beyond that, many worry investing in real estate means putting down their anchors in a certain location. Instead, they would rather have the ease and ability to uproot and move if work or life calls for it.

And remember doorbells? For millennials, the idea of a doorbell is a thing of the past. The age group does not have doorbells anymore.

Many millennials live in apartment buildings rather than standalone homes, where doorbells are not a fixture. But even if there was a doorbell option, millennials probably would not use it. They are more likely to send their friends or family a text saying they have arrived at their home.

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