Israel: Talk, don’t touch

It’s not a surprise that a company like was born out of Israel. Dubbed as “start-up nation” by experts in the tech scene, Israel spends nearly five percent of its GDP on research and development — the highest out of any country in the world. is a new technology that can be used for restaurant menus or airport kiosks to help stop the spread of coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

Inspired by Covid-19, the technology allows users to speak into a digital kiosk using touch-free technology and has launched trials in the U.S. and some European countries. Created by Roy Baharv and Eyal Shapira, supports English, Hebrew, and Japanese, as well as both iOS and Android.

It has also been optimized for noisy environments, such as airports — and honestly, we’re better off for it. Who really wants to touch public screens after what the world has experienced throughout this COVID-19 pandemic?

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