Online sales allow for ice cream delivery

Ian Carandang, founder of Sebastian’s Ice Cream, started selling online during the pandemic.

He shared, “This would normally not be that big of a deal if one’s products weren’t time-sensitive like cookies or bread. But for ice cream, every second counts.”

Carandang said he spent months testing styrofoam containers in ice and freezer bags to keep ice cream dry and left the boxes out in the sun to simulate delivery conditions.

He said, “We tested it to failure, seeing how long the ice cream stayed frozen under those conditions before it began to soften.”

The entrepreneur said, “Our staff was already trained for maximum sanitation and safety before this, so the only addition was instructing everyone to use masks. We already practice food safety as a matter of procedure, and the only addition was to wipe down the pints before packing them for delivery.”

Expenses rose because of packaging costs, but the online business paid off.

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