WB: Women should lead in post-COVID-19 recovery stage

Global economies, particularly low and middle income, should consider women as part of their central strategies for economic recovery in the post-pandemic era.

World Bank president David Malpass and Melinda Gates said women could have a big impact on economic recovery if gender gaps are addressed.

They said, “When the 2008 recession hit, few asked how stimulus measures would affect women compared with men. That approach won’t work for the COVID-19 crisis.”

They added, “With the right policies, countries can rebuild stronger and more inclusively. As they respond to the biggest challenge of our generation, they should view women as central builders of a stronger post-COVID world.”

The bank noted women were hardest hit by lockdowns as they tend to be heavily employed in vulnerable sectors such as retail, restaurants and hospitality.

Most also work in informal jobs that lack employment protection and have no social safety net.

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