NextGen’s wisdom on the pandemic normal: Jason Gaisano of Core Capital

Jason of the Gaisano retail group is a fourth-generation family entrepreneur who found great value in being employed in an unrelated company, having four different bosses before venturing into the family business. He was mentored by his dad, Edward, and his uncle, Jack.

He co-founded Core Capital, investing in startups and partnering with tech companies to solve logistic and e-commerce issues. He intimated adoption of technology in the group was slow but when the older generations saw the revenue percentage coming from online sales, they learned to accept technology.

He is committed to investing in entrepreneurs and making them earn more money than those that invest in them.

Jason’s investments of choice are in tech education and healthcare because of their social impact. He thinks creating more jobs in the country is better than charity, even as he expresses a desire to explore business in foreign markets.

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