Philippines lags in e-commerce usage in ASEAN

The Philippines ranked 96th out of 152 economies in the Business-to-Consumer E-Commerce Index 2020 released by the UN Conference on Trade and Development, lagging behind most of its neighbors in Southeast Asia in terms of readiness to support online shopping.

Within Southeast Asia, the Philippines trailed behind Singapore which placed fourth, Malaysia (30th), Thailand (42nd), Vietnam (63rd) and Indonesia (83rd). The Philippines, however, was ahead of Cambodia and Myanmar. Switzerland topped the index.

Rankings are based on four indicators: the percentage of the population using the internet, individuals with an account at a financial institution or with a mobile money service provider, postal reliability and secure internet servers.

The index showed individuals using the internet was 65 percent in the Philippines, and those with an account with a financial institution or mobile money service provider was at 35 percent.

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