Chromebooks overtake Macs in market share for first time

Google-powered Chromebook laptops have overtaken Apple’s Macs in popularity for the first time, analysts suggest.

Consultancy IDC tracked the use of operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows or Apple’s MacOS.

It found Chrome OS, used by the Google-powered laptops, took second place from MacOS for the first time.

The system – widely used in cheap laptops handed out to school pupils for remote learning – now has a 10.8% market share, IDC said.

The analysis, first reported by tech news site Geekwire, found that despite losing second place, MacOS’s market share grew from 6.7% to 7.5% in 2020, at the expense of Microsoft Windows.

Windows remains the most popular operating system by far, with 80% of the market.

The remaining 1.2% is made up of niche set-ups such as Linux distributions, often used by enthusiasts.

IDC’s numbers included desktop and laptop computers, but not tablets or smartphones.

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