DOLE: 133,315 workers displaced in January

The number of displaced workers surged in January, as more establishments adopted flexible work arrangements and temporary closures, according to the Department of Labor and Employment.

The latest DOLE Job Displacement Monitoring Report showed a total of 133,315 workers nationwide losing their jobs or suffering income loss in the first month of 2021.

Out of the total number of displaced, DOLE said 108,089 workers from 2,799 establishments were affected by flexible work arrangements and temporary closures.

There were 25,226 workers from 1,421 establishments who were affected by permanent shutdowns and retrenchments.

The number of displaced workers rose by 19,741 or 78 percent compared to the figure during the same period last year.

Based on DOLE data, 91 percent or 1,279 firms resorted to reduction of workforce, and 142 reported permanent closures.

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