‘Digital Bayanihan’ initiative aims to help 10 million Filipinos bounce back from COVID-19 pandemic

An initiative by a Filipino business author seeks to train micro, small and medium entrepreneurs severely affected by quarantine measures, through effective digital certification programs.

The BounceBack Global Movement, founded by author Jason Dela Rosa, announced it has a goal of training 10 million Filipino entrepreneurs, educators and leaders through its newly-launched Digital Bayanihan Initiative.

The community quarantines have cost the livelihood and daily earnings of thousands of Filipinos, particularly daily wage workers and owners of small businesses.

Dela Rosa, author of the book “The Practical Entrepreneur” said the initiative has “world-class” and “validated” webinars that would greatly help MSMEs and other Filipinos recover their financial losses and cope with the health crisis.

He added, “There are a lot of free webinars now on digital transformation, resiliency and business continuity strategies.”

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