Firm sets up school farm program to help farmers

A Pangasinan-based agricultural firm launched a school farm initiative to help farmers hone their craft.

Our Farm Republic is an integrated and diversified farm aiming to promote modern farming techniques and best practices to boost farmers’ harvests, company founder and head Lea Santiago said.

With the support of the Department of Agriculture’s Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund program, the OFR seeks to stamp out “gawat,” the practice of farmers borrowing money to buy food for their families.

Santiago said, “I always believed there’s money in agriculture and it will remain a sunrise industry.”

She transformed her family’s farm into a learning site or farm school to help other farmers increase their yields and returns.

She added, “I then converted OFR into a farm school because I know that farmers are hungry for knowledge in modern technology, climate-smart practices, crop and soil management and increasing their profits.”

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