Some delivery workers have no choice but to bring their kids along during the pandemic

For Ashley Vincent, a single mom in New York, delivering for DoorDash often requires some negotiation with her seven-year-old son.

He’ll say, “We can go out tonight but you can only do six deliveries.”

Vincent, a school bus driver, started working for the on-demand food delivery company to supplement her income. She used to make ends meet by picking up shifts driving students on school sports trips, but those opportunities evaporated with the pandemic.

A big reason she turned to DoorDash is the ability to bring her son (and sometimes her 14-year-old daughter) on deliveries if need be. The job also doesn’t require her to stick to a strict schedule.

She shared, “If he doesn’t want to go, I’m not going to force him. I’m going to stay home.”

To ease her son’s boredom during deliveries, Vincent took him to a dollar store and bought a magnetic doodle board and a road sign bingo game. Her son plans to be a delivery worker too.

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