NextGen’s wisdom on the pandemic normal: Vanessa Tanco

Vanessa Tanco is the CEO of iAcademy, an institution that offers specialized programs in game development, business management, and liberal arts and design. In 2020, iAcademy also launched an accountancy school, in partnership with PwC Philippines.

It was recently awarded as the Most Innovative Education Provider by UK-based publications company Global Brands along with top-tier schools like Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

She acknowledges her father, Eusebio Tanco, as the visionary who makes deals happen while she humbly labels herself as the operations-type of person who immerses in day-to-day details of the business. What she did not say is that one cannot survive without the other.

While many schools struggled with online classes at the onset of the pandemic, iAcademy was able to shift smoothly to a virtual format as they have utilized various online platforms and tools even before the pandemic started.

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