Coke is launching a new bottle size for the first time in a decade

Coca-Cola is launching a new bottle size for the first time in a decade, but it’s what the bottle’s made of that marks an even more notable first: 100% recycled plastic.

The new 13.2-ounce recyclable bottle that some customers will see on shelves this month is made entirely of other plastics, and it’s the latest move in Coca-Cola’s several-year initiative to reduce its plastic waste. Coke is also hoping the size attracts younger, under-25 drinkers who are seeking sustainable packaging (and sometimes even shunning the company).

The new bottle will be available in select states across the US, before launching nationwide this summer. Coke describes the size as a “more sippable package,” and it will debut with the company’s most popular sodas.

Coca-Cola is often criticized for contributing to environmentally damaging plastic waste.Last year, it was named as the world’s No. 1 plastic polluter by the environmental firm Break Free From Plastic.

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